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This article could be life-changing for many traders. I understand that it is “sexier” to talk about indicators, entries and strategies, but this article has the power to give you the biggest aha moment in your trading career. We are going to talk about winrate and how a trader can actively change their winrate. Do you want a high winrate? Do you want larger winners? No problem, you can change that.

All trading books and professional traders will tell you that “you need to find a trading strategy that fits your personality” and “you need to make your trading strategy your own”. But they don’t mean that you need to use a different indicator, change the period on your moving average or try a different timeframe. What they mean is that you must think about adjusting the parameters around your strategy to make it fit your psychological profile.

The way you place stops, targets and exit trades has a huge impact on all areas of your trading. It affec...

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