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uk brexit

Whether the United Kingdom will stay united after Brexit is a surprisingly fraught question.

People have quite definitive opinions on the subject, which has a strong political component. As with all things political, it’s not really possible to say with certainty what will happen, even in the near future, as popular opinion can swing quite wildly.

The theme of Brexit is that the result of the election caught most observers by surprise. In the interest of not becoming too invested in one view or the other, let’s review the situation and some potential alternatives.

Why Leave Again?

Following the results of the vote, many were quick to point out that there was a clear separation in the voting intentions across the constituent countries of the UK.

England and Wales, concentrating the majority of the population, voted leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. This led to the argument that these two countries might want to leave in order to remain.

Scotland, in parti...

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