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Coronavirust Trade

The increasing severity of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has raised serious questions over the validity of the PM’s refusal to extend the transition beyond December 31st.

The PM has so far been adamant that the current trade talks between the UK and the EU will not be extended. And, if a deal is not in place in time, the UK is prepared to walk away without one.

Johnson Warns Over Trade Talks Progress

Last month, the UK government published its guidelines for trade talks.

It warned the EU that if a robust outline for a deal is not outlined by June, ready to be confirmed by September, the UK is prepared to walk away from the talks ahead of the December 31st deadline.

However, both UK and EU leaders are totally engaged in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, trade talks have had to be put on pause for now. With health authorities warning that the virus could continue to spread for months to come, the PM’s June deadline now looks inappropriate.

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