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Equities Shrug Off Coronavirus Risks

Looking at the recent march higher in equities prices, there is little evidence to suggest the world is currently experiencing an outbreak of a deadly disease. The coronavirus infection named COVID-19, saw its first confirmed cases in China in December last year. Since then, the virus has spread to: all 31 provinces in China, across 16 countries in Asia, and across 28 globally with over 500 confirmed cases outside of China.

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Death Toll Increase Mainly Confined to China

The hardest hit is China itself. The latest data released from the Chinese National Health Commission over the weekend noted that as of Sunday the number of new cases rocketed by over 2000 country-wide. 1900 of these in Hubei province. The death toll in China had jumped to 1,770. This was a 105 victim increase from the previous day. The majority of deaths in China continue to be located in Hubei province. ...

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