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better us president for brexit

Given the relationship between US President Trump and UK PM Johnson, it would seem at first glance that a Trump victory would be best for Brexit.

But, as is usual with these geopolitical things, the situation is a little more complicated. And, of course, there is the issue of how all of this can drive markets, and particularly cable.

Trump has often been associated with the Brexit phenomenon. This is because both the results of the election and the referendum surprised pollsters and contravened the established (establishment?) worldview.

A major difference is that the post-Brexit era has seen three changes of government and two general elections in the UK. Subsequent leaders failed to represent what Brexiteers expected, and the subject still remains controversial.

What the Expectations Are

The expectations, of course, are the issue.

What exactly constitutes a “good” Brexit? For some, that is a hard Brexit; for others, it is the most non-Brexit-like-Brexit the EU will accept...

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