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when not to trade

So much of our research and analysis as forex traders focuses on figuring out when to get into the market. That’s why we often neglect to consider when staying out of the market is a better option.

In fact, learning how to handle when not to trade and avoid taking unnecessary risks, for a lot of forex traders, is the key to success.

The simple answer for when you shouldn’t trade is when your strategy says you shouldn’t.

There are a lot of circumstantial reasons why you should stay out of the market at particular times. After a while, you get a handle on them. But there are also some general guidelines that might help most FX traders avoid being in the market when they shouldn’t.

If it Doesn’t Feel Right, Don’t!

This might sound like common sense. But, especially for newer forex traders, there is this drive to jump on every opportunity. Even if you’re not sure about it!

No one has a gun to your head to trade. And there will always be another ma...

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