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Many people suddenly became aware of Belarus on August 10, the day after the controversial presidential elections concluded.

Reports surfaced that the internet was restricted. In addition, both presidential candidates claimed to have overwhelmingly won the elections as massive protests broke out followed by brutal repression.

So what happened?

More importantly, why is this relatively small country threatening global diplomacy, and creating new frictions between Russia, NATO, and the EU?

Europe’s Last Dictator

Alexander Lukashenko has been President of Belarus since it became independent.

He was the only representative to vote to maintain the USSR. In fact, during his tenure, he has run Belarus in a similar manner to the former Soviet Union. And he’s won reelection every 5 years under dubious circumstances.

There have been flair-ups of protests and repression for years. However, the situation became especially serious following widespread discontent regarding the handling of...

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