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brexit euro summit

EU leaders are once again heading to the Brussels summit, this time with the members of the eurozone.

This is the formal, biannual meeting, as opposed to the extraordinary EU Summit at the start of the month. The meeting is significant in many ways, particularly in regard to Brexit.

The UK has a self-imposed deadline to reach a leaving agreement at the meeting, which starts on October 15. The ostensible reason for that is that such an agreement would require the vote of all the EU leaders to approve.

And, of course, the Summit would be a convenient occasion to do that. Although, as we’ve seen, the EU is also perfectly happy to have extraordinary summits quite frequently.

The Counter Positions

The EU, for its part, is happy to wait until the end of the year for an agreement.

December 31 is when the negotiation period formally expires, with both sides pledging to not extend it. Though that’s what they both said before they extended it last time.

The UK argues they are perfect...

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