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The Fed’s interest rate decision later today is only the first of several such meetings from major central banks.

Both the SNB and ECB are projected to keep rates on hold tomorrow. However, we expect them to get extra attention for different reasons. And all this while we wait for the fallout from the UK General Election!

The ECB is probably what most people are going to be looking at since this is the first meeting for the new President Christine Lagarde.

We’ll be especially interested because she’s been notoriously tight-lipped about her views on policy since taking the top job on November 1st. In all of her public speeches to date, she has managed to steer the conversation elsewhere.

But now, Lagarde will have to give her views on the monetary situation in Europe. Naturally, we expect this to generate a lot of buzz among traders and analysts!

The question on everyone’s mind is: how will her position change in comparison to her predecessor? And therefore, how ...

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