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FX traders have to rapidly become conversant with many new concepts and the language that accompanies the various concepts. Not only do you have to learn the language of technical and fundamental analysis, you also have to quickly get up to speed with various phenomenon that can have an impact on your trading. Getting your head around the idea of an STP-ECN broker can prove to be tricky for the uninitiated. Understanding the language used on forums and indeed the language used when attempting to input code into your MetaTrader platform (however simple MQL actually is), represents quite a challenge.

Taking on board all the: phrases, words, concepts and ideas relating to trading, can take many months, if not years. And once you’ve finally begun to in effect speak the language of FX fluently, you may then begin a process of mental deprogramming, to rid yourself of all the unnecessary and overcomplicated theories, which you’ve adopted and adapted to. For example; you might begin to abandon...

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