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This isn’t the first time that a white police officer’s brutality against a black person resulted in death.

Nor is it the first time such an incident was captured on tape in harrowing detail.

It isn’t even the first time all this has happened in the same city.

However, this is the first time the backlash and public outcry has spread not just across all 50 states, but across the world.

Despite that, the market seems to have brushed off the widespread protests, continuing with business as usual.

Why has this happened, and what does this mean for the markets moving forward?

The Market’s Apparent Indifference

Historically, political and civil unrest has always had an impact on the markets in some way, shape or form.

However, this time around, the market seems to have barely batted an eyelid.

In fact, the market reaction was paradoxical, with major US indices climbing higher. The SPX500 rose from 2991 on May 25th to a PRE-COVID high of 3232, registering only three be...

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