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covid-19 conspiracy theories

With many economic indicators across the world reporting the worst since records began, it’s not unreasonable to think that the worst recession in modern history is looming.

Many countries are seeing the largest increase in joblessness ever. In fact, unemployment rates are posting numbers not seen since the Great Depression! And that includes the most recent economic crisis of 08 known as the Great Recession, or Global Financial Crisis (GFC for short).

But is it true that recessions are, in fact, getting worse?

One of the hallmarks of Keynesian economic theory is that recessions would be less bad over time as regulators fine-tuned their policy tools. But is it just a function that recessions are becoming rarer?

The latest bull market was the longest in history. So, therefore, can we posit that the more the economy grows, the larger the correction will be?

Similar Differences

Of course, the current economic crisis is different from the other two “great” ones. It was in...

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