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The Reserve Bank of Australia is notoriously conservative in its moves. This makes the analysis of their board’s thinking all the more important, as their commentary has a stronger impact on the markets. Traders often focus on the outlook the most. Changes in the outlook are able to move AUD pairs over 100 pips! So tomorrow’s release of the minutes from the last RBA meeting is going to get a lot of attention from traders.

It’s the first important bit of data that we get for the week. After that, the currency will be largely left to its own devices from an economic calendar perspective. So, we could see the currency setting the tone for the next several days following the release of the minutes.

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When and How

The minutes will be released at 03:30 CET (or the day before at 21:30 EST.) It usually takes the market a couple of minutes to process everything, during which we’d likely see any volatili...

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