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drivers For gold

The dynamics of gold are changing. Traditional investor behavior remains dominant, but technology is updating the way gold prices move at least in the short term.

The changes might be somewhat subtle and have more implications for traders than for investors.

Traditionally, the price of gold moves due to a combination of fairly simple factors: supply, demand, and investor behavior. Gold, as a metal, is relatively rare. And it’s unlikely we will suddenly discover a large reserve of it.

Mining does not supply a significant amount compared to the total gold available each year. So, with supplies virtually consistent, the price of gold is almost entirely determined by demand, which is a function of investor behavior.

Gold, Paper Money, and Portfolio Diversity

The supply of (increasingly digitized) paper money is arbitrarily set by central banks. While they purport to keep currencies stable, that has not always been the case historically.

Inflation can swing wildly depending on many fa...

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