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Over the past 24 hours the media has reported that an A.I. robot named “Pluribus” has managed to beat multiple players at Poker. The research was jointly undertaken by Facebook and the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pluribus has been built on the technique originally used to create Libratus, a poker playing A.I. that beat four human poker professionals over the course of 120,000 hands in January 2017. However, the Libratus experiment involved mainly one on one competition and not the typical six player tournament version of the game. Pluribus managed to beat a full range of six players, including the world’s best.

The creators of Pluribus have lauded and stressed its simplicity, in some ways they’ve stripped it down further than the original Libratus, the A.I. doesn’t require massive processing power in fact the programme can be run from a laptop. Libratus used circa 15 million core hours on a supercomputer to train. Whereas, Pluribus required just 128...

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