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Weekly Fundamental Bulletin

Last week’s highlights

Japan’s industrial output falls 9.1% in April

Japan’s industrial output for April fell strongly by 9.1%, according to data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. This was bigger than the forecasts of a 5.1% decline and comes on top of the 3.7% decline in March.

On a year over year basis, Japan’s industrial output was down 14.4%, which was also bigger than the forecasts of a 7.7% decline. In March, the annual industrial production was down 5.2%. Shipments and inventories were down strongly during the month.

Germany’s consumer prices hit the lowest levels since 2016

Consumer prices in Germany, Europe’s largest economy fell to the lowest levels since 2016. The preliminary inflation report indicates that Germany’s inflation slowed to 0.6% in May. This was down from 0.9% in April.

The data was in line with the broader forecasts. On a monthly basis, inflation in Germany was down by 0.1%. The cost of goods fell by 0.4% while the cost of services was down 1.3...

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