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Retail sales numbers from the United States have come out, printing a result that was in line with broad expectations.

Data from the Commerce Department showed that retail sales rose by 0.3% in January after a slower 0.2% increase earlier.

Excluding motor vehicle parts, retail sales were up 0.3% following a 0.6% increase earlier.

German GDP Stays Flat in Q4, 2019

Germany’s economic growth stalled in the final three months of the year in 2019. This came on slower consumption and weaker exports.

GDP remained unchanged from the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the Q3 2019 GDP was revised to show a 0.2% increase. For 2019, the annual GDP growth rate for Germany is 0.6%. This is the slowest growth rate since 2013.

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EURUSD Remains Pinned to the Downside

The common currency did not make much progress as it consolidates near the 1.0839 level. Price action indicates a possible rebound on the divergence.

However, the fa...

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