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The US President has bid goodbye to another national security adviser. 

This comes after an array of internal disputes over Russia, Iran, North Korea, and several other foreign policy issues.

President Trump took to Twitter, announcing:

John Bolton, on the other hand, claims he offered his resignation to Trump on Monday night first. The former adviser tweeted:

Bolton Was Splitting White House

The 70-year old now-former national security adviser to the White House was hawkish on many issues.

That being said, he did seem to manage to keep a tight rein on Pyongyang’s plutonium production during his tenure under President Bush.

In the Trump era, however, there was a breakdown of attempts to schedule peace talks with Afghanistan last weekend. This came as a result of internal foreign policy disagreements, indicating the President’s hard-line stance against his advisers.

After Monday, when North Korea’s Kim Jong provoked the US once again by testing two more missiles, the ...

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