Donald Trump is the 45th US president. Financial markets, institutions and traders were expecting a comfortable win of Hilary Clinton but the people of United States voted differently. The markets did not price a Trump victory beforehand so the fluctuation across various instruments was big and markets had to correct prices.

Until 01:30 GMT, it was too early to call results from key states so the market prices did not change much. States were allocated to the two candidates as expected.

From that time onwards, Florida started to lean to Trump, Ohio turned red, as well as North Carolina. All of them were strong signals that Trump might steal the victory from Clinton. As expected, traders reacted fiercely. By 03:00 GMT, US Dollar weakened against Euro and Sterling by 1.389% and 1.131% respectively. As a result, investors started looking for the safe heavens once again, with Yen, Gold and Swiss Franc appreciated by 1.619%, 2.282% and 0.9958% accordingly. Our biggest mover was the Mexican ...

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