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UK Data

Tomorrow is projected to be a very busy day for the pound sterling. We have the release of several important data points that routinely move the market.

That’s aside from the continuing saga of Brexit, and increasing fears that the UK has slipped into a technical recession!

We could be getting some confirmation of the third release of monthly GDP figures for the quarter.

At the same time, we also get manufacturing figures and trade balance. These are both key for the future evolution of the currency.

September’s data is the last full month ahead of the Brexit deadline. Like last time, it might be a bit distorted because of the uncertainty, and businesses are getting ready for a potential hard Brexit.

Later, we have a speech by BOE’s Carney.

What We Are Expecting

The figure likely to get the lion’s share of market attention is the GDP figure.

Expectations are for the September preliminary GDP to remain flat. This is compared to +0.3% in the prior month. A resul...

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