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interest rate

The major theme of this cycle’s central bank meetings is the “pivot” from emergency COVID measures towards a more balanced policy to support the emerging recovery.

Some of the policies introduced are simply not sustainable in the medium term, such as the Fed’s unlimited buying of assets.

As we get closer to the final quarter of the year, regulators are likely to be cautious about adjusting policy.

The market hates surprises, so central banks are going to try to telegraph policy changes.

Therefore, we want to be extra curious about comments from the press conferences. They’re likely to have a much higher potential to move the market.

Japan to Stay the Course

Just yesterday, Japan went through a bit of a political convulsion. Yoshihide Suga was effectively voted in as the new Prime Minister and takes over today.

The theme of the internal party election was to maintain political continuity from Shinzo Abe, with special emphasis on ensuring no change in moneta...

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