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Final GDP

The euro is in for a busy day tomorrow. A host of key data points is scheduled for release during the day.

The most important ones are related to the largest economy in the eurozone. We had a bit of a positive surprise out of Germany lately, and we now get to see if that outlook holds.

The market has now digested all the major data for the first quarter, including somewhat lackluster corporate reports. So, getting May data should give us some insight into how the summer could perform. Let’s unpack this data-laden day, and see what could happen with the currency prices.

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The Important Points

The day starts with the release of the final GDP number for the first quarter from Germany. This is a review of the data that was already provided. And it’s not likely to move the market unless there is a revision. Quarterly GDP change is supposed to stay at 0.4%, and annual at 0.6%.

We will then be getting ...

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