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The monthly consumer sentiment index from the University of Michigan will be coming out today.

Economists do not expect to see any major changes from the preliminary estimates. Forecasts indicate that it will hold steady at 96.0.

This marks a modest rebound from the month before which was a three-month high.

UoM Consumer Sentiment inde
UoM Consumer Sentiment inde

The consumer sentiment index for September saw a revision from 92.0 to 93.2. The UoM consumer sentiment hit a high at 101.00 in May this year. But, since then, consumer sentiment is in a downtrend.

The forward looking indicator rebounded during the month, according to the preliminary estimates.

The rise in the index came on the back of consumers expecting larger gains in income and lower inflation for the year ahead.

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Consumers also expect the real income to rise as a result. The rate cuts from the Federal Reserve is helping to improve ...

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