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Boris Johnson, Britain’s rather controversial Prime Minister, is running out of options.

Last Friday, a bill to block a no-deal Brexit by October 31st passed the House of Lords. It should now be made law as early as Monday.

The bill proposes that should Johnson fail to secure a deal with the EU by October 19th, he must go and beg for another three-month extension. The PM said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than be forced to go back to ask for a pointless extension.

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BoJo Refuses to Abide by Law

The Prime Minister has already made comments refusing to abide by the new law, even if Parliament demands that he do so. BoJo currently wants to ignore the piece of legislation and follow through with his original promise to “leave” Europe by the latest EU-approved deadline. However, that means he is risking jail time.

Dead in a ditch or in prison… Could the UK PM...

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