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Time is Running Out For Stimulus Decision

The US Index was losing grip from the start of the week as it closed 0.18% lower yesterday towards 93.

Weakness in the US dollar across the board was evident as the economy looks to hopes of a new round of stimulus talks.

The target of a further $1tn injection from the government is growing more unlikely every day. This comes as the legislative calendar is running out of days before members of Congress return home ahead of November’s election.

The index will try to steer clear of the recent yearly lows as we look ahead to today’s industrial and manufacturing production figures.

Euro Closes In On 1.19

The euro close 0.24% higher on Monday as it closes in on the 1.19 handle.

European industrial production grew by 4.1% in July as the bloc’s economic recovery continued.

However, with recent reports of COVID-19 infections on the rise, will the eurozone’s recovery derail?

Ministers Approve First Phase of Brexit Withdrawal Bill

The pound closed 0.54...

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