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US-EU Trade Talks

There are bubbling expectations that the UK might look to run trade talks with the US in parallel with its negotiations with the EU.

The UK PM’s spokesperson spoke during a briefing at Westminster this week. He told reporters that the UK would be “free to hold trade discussions with other countries across the world” following the January 31st departure date.

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Johnson’s spokesman said:

“Once we have left the EU on January 31 we will be free to hold trade discussions with countries across the world and not just focus on discussing the future partnership with the EU.”

MP’s Split Over Handling Trade Talks

These comments follow reports over the weekend from UK newspapers revealing that the PM’s cabinet is divided over how best to approach the trade deal negotiations with the EU.

The report by the Sunday Times highlighted that some top ministers, such as Dominic Raab and Liz Truss, are in ...

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