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uk lockdown

Lowest UK COVID Deaths Since Lockdown Began

The UK registered its lowest number of daily deaths since the lockdown began on March 23rd yesterday. As of writing, 121 people were confirmed to have died from the virus.

Along with the drop in the death toll, the Department of Health in the UK announced that it had recorded its lowest daily number of new infections (1625) in nine weeks.

Together, these data points are encouraging the view that the lockdown has been effective in stopping the spread of the virus.

Lockdown to be Reviewed this Week

The UK lockdown is due to be reviewed this week. In light of the heavily reduced infection rate, it is likely to be eased further.

While an end to social distancing is not expected just yet, the UK PM is expected to announce the lifting of more business restrictions. This will allow for the return of hospitality businesses with outdoor areas.

Given the significant negative impact of the lock-downs on the UK economy, the further easing of measures wil...

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