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Tory Candidates To Back Johnson’s Brexit Deal

GBP has been trading higher this week. Optimism around Brexit has helped lift the exchange rate against both USD and EUR.

This fresh wave of optimism comes on the back of news that all 634 Conservative part candidates will back the PM’s Brexit deal if they win in the December elections. This display of unity has increased the perception that a Brexit deal is the most likely outcome of the general elections.

Latest UK Elections Polls

The latest polls show that the race is between the Conservative party and the Labour party, as was expected.

In the poll of polls, conducted by PA media, the Tories came in at 42% while Labour, at 29%, are now 13% behind them.

The two parties are staunchly divided over the Brexit issue. In fact, Labour maintains that, should it come to power, it would hold a second referendum.

However, polls show that the Conservative party is opening up its lead over Labour. This supports the view that the Conservatives w...

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