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Johnson Vs Merkel

Hopes of a deal between the UK and EU came crashing down on Tuesday.

This sent GBP cascading down to fresh one-month lows. The news came following a telephone conversation between the UK PM and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that Merkel warned Johnson that the EU was “highly unlikely” to accept the terms of the new deal he presented last week. Johnson himself said that a deal was “essentially impossible”.

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We are yet to gain access to the details of the conversation. However, UK reporters received source comments indicating that Merkel explained that a deal could only happen if it meant Northern Ireland would remain within the customs union.

In response, Johnson has ruled this out. According to the No 10 source, the PM stated that if this is the case, a deal cannot be made.

Johnson Comes Under Fire

The comments from a government off...

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