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Uber Appealing License Block

Shares in US technology company Uber are trading almost 3% higher pre-market on Tuesday. The company has made headlines again this week with news that it will be in court today in an effort to win back its license to operate in London.

The company had its license removed in 2019 following a string of complaints, many involving incidences of sexual assault. Transport for London decided to block Uber from renewing its license last year over what it called a “pattern of failures” linked to safety, security, and driver identification.

Uber has been in this situation before, as far back as 2017 when TfL first blocked its efforts to renew its license.

However, its license was restored by a judge on a probationary basis following a series of changes made to its operations.

One of TfL’s main complaints was that unauthorized drivers had been able to use their photos on other Uber accounts leading to an estimated 14000 journeys where drivers were not who they claimed...

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