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twitter stocks

Twitter Down Pre-Market

Shares in US social media giant Twitter are trading lower pre-market on Thursday as the company’s stock price continues to correct lower from the recent highs posted above 55 where it ran into a long-term resistance level.

Twitter’s stock is currently trading back down around the 47 handle. Though, so far, the correction has been shallower than that seen in October in response to weak Q3 earnings.

Twitter Bans Trump

Twitter has been under a great deal of scrutiny over recent months over its decision to censor president Trump’s posts during the course of the Black Lives Matter protests. This spanned the second half of 2020 as well as the course of the US elections.

Twitter took the move of censoring Trump’s posts based on their judgment that some of his content was either harmful or not grounded in fact. Recently, the social media firm’s censorship of Trump came to a head when Twitter decided to ban Trump from its platform following his comments made during and s...

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