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In numerous lines of coding, it’s really hard to find what a particular part or section of a code does if it is left unmarked. Under these situations, the MQL comments come in handy. It’s helpful to explain a part of the markup language or to disable a particular block of codes from executing while testing and debugging.

These comments act as a temporary control switch to turn ON/OFF a block of codes. They are also very much helpful for documentation as the programmer could easily explain the coding in plain English.

MQL Comments

There are 2 types of MQL comments:

  1. Single Line Comments
  2. Multi-Line Comments

Single Line MQL Comments

It marks a single line of code as a comment line or to defines what is the purpose of a particular block of code in single line.

// A single line of comment goes here.

Multi-Line MQL Comments

It usually marks or disables multiple lines of code as a comment which helps in testing and debugging.

/* This is a multiple line code. It considers
all ...

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