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trump erdogan scrutiny

Documents Requested on Trump’s Ties With Erdogan 

President Trump is making headlines due to his alleged links to Turkish President Erdogan.

This week, Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wrote a letter to the director of national intelligence.

In it, he asked that Robert O’Brien provide documents detailing what he has described as Trump’s “close ties” to President Erdogan.

Menendez highlighted events where he feels that Trump’s relationship with Erdogan greatly influenced his position.

Menendez asserts that Trump has put his own interests and the interests of President Erdogan ahead of US national security

He also criticized Trump’s “positions or silence” in regard to certain events.

Trump’s Actions Raise Suspicion

Menendez has requested the documents on the grounds that they are necessary in order to investigate Trump’s links with Erdogan.

Menendez is particularly interested in Trump’s refusal to back the Congr...

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