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trump pandemic

Dollar Continues Decline Over Politics

The US index fell to its lowest level since May 2018 as it slid towards 92 on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the US President is under increased pressure as the Democratic National Conventions are in full swing. Peers are highlighting that the pandemic should have been acted upon much more responsibly by the Trump administration.

In addition, the failure to produce progressive fiscal stimulus talks and the threat to undermine the credibility of the election are taking their toll on the dollar. This is regardless of Nancy Pelosi agreeing to meet Trump halfway with the fiscal package.

The greenback fell against a basket of main currency pairs. USDJPY declined for the third day in a row closing 0.54% lower, near 105.

Investors have stated that the move for the yen is not just about risk appetite but, in fact. the general weakness in the dollar across the board.

Euro Hits 2-Year High

The euro was up against the dollar for a fifth consecutive day as it closed 0.5...

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