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Troops Sent to Middle East

The situation between the US and Iran is looking even more precarious this week.

Iran has threatened to take revenge on the US for its assassination of a top Iranian general. In response, the US has sent over 3000 extra troops to key sites in the Middle East.

The killing of Iranian general Soleimani last week was personally ordered by the US president. And it has sparked a significant political backlash against Trump.

Many figures across the political divide, as well as former intelligence officers, have warned that the reckless move risks almost certain retaliation from Iran.

Trump Threatens Iran Again

However, at present, there is a strategic standoff. This comes as a result of Trump’s personal threat that, should Iran enact any retaliation against the US, he is prepared to activate airstrikes on up to 52 targets within Iran.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Trump said:

“They’re allowed to kill our people and we’re not allowed to t...

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