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Τhe US/China trade war which has raged over the last year, decimating global growth and rattling world markets has all but come to an official end now.

The two economic superpowers have been locked in talks this year and are reportedly close to striking an official deal. China has warmly welcomed the news of a deal as it has been hardest hit out of the two sides.

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Trump Shifts His Focus

While tensions between the US and China have simmered down substantially over the last few months, it seems that things have gotten a little too quiet for Trump.

Like a playground bully picking on a new victim, Trump has now turned his eye elsewhere in the world; the European Union.

EU Behaving Badly

Trump has long criticized the EU for treating the US “badly.” This is a reference to the US’s $16.9 billion trade deficit with the EU last year. The US leader now warns:

“Those days are changing rapidly, they understand it.”


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