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Trade Deal Still Happening

The latest comments around the ongoing US-China trade negotiations continue to suggest that the recently agreed-upon “phase one” trade deal will be signed.

President Trump told reporters this week:

“The deal with China’s coming along very well. They want to make a deal. They sort of have to make a deal… because their supply chain is going down the tubes”.

Deal on the Table

The deal in question is the outcome of the 13th round of trade talks held in Washington on October 10th.

After the 2-day meeting, Trump announced that the agreement broadly comprises of China ramping up its purchase of US agricultural products. This would be in exchange for the US canceling the next round of tariffs which were due to go live last week.

The US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, told reporters that the US is currently aiming for the deal to be signed at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting happening in Chile, November 16th-17th.

The deal is a sort of interim ...

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