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US Government Hints at Revised Stimulus 

The dollar index lost some momentum on Wednesday as it closed 0.18% lower.

Stimulus negotiations were originally postponed until after the US Presidential Elections. However, yesterday’s tweet from the president states that he stands willing to sign a legislative bill that provides further ‘fiscal cheques’ to households.

The FOMC meeting saw the Fed proclaim that its new policy is not an ‘unconditional commitment’ to keep interest rates near zero for years.

Meanwhile, President Trump cleared himself for a return to the White House.

He now looks ahead to the Presidential debate next Thursday. He stated that he wants all Americans to receive the same medication that he had, claiming that he received a ‘cure’ for COVID-19.

Eurozone On the Brink as Restrictions Continue

The euro shrugged off yesterday’s dollar rally, closing the session 0.23% higher.

ECB’s Lagarde looked ahead to the next generation of an EU recovery package. This comes ...

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