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As US equity markets continue to slide, headlined by the more than 3% fall in the S&P yesterday which was the most significant one day drop since February this year, Trump has once again grabbed headlines with a verbal attack on the Fed.


“Not Happy”

Speaking with acclaimed international news broadcaster Fox News, the president said that he is “not happy” with the Fed regarding its current tightening policy. The President has publicly slated the Fed several times this year and seems to be enjoying the negative he receives from doing so.

This time around the controversial president said “The problem I have is with the Fed. The Fed is going wild. I mean, I don’t know what their problem is that they are raising interest rates and it’s ridiculous.”

Commenting on the slump in equity markets, Trump said “The, in my opinion, is Treasury and the Fed. The Fed is going loco, and there’s no reason for them to do it. I’m not happy about it.”...

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