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While a proud footballing nation mourned another harrowing defeat there was still plenty to be excited about as England received its prize for coming fourth in the World Cup yesterday: a visit from US President Donald Trump. Arriving with a security convoy which looked like it had been plucked straight from the set of a Hollywood movie, the President wasted no time in reassuring people that he had lost none of his ability to shock and disturb.

Trump Disappointed With May

Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun upon arrival, the President commented that he had told UK PM May “how to do” Brexit but added that “she didn’t listen to me”. This was but one in a series of remarks which seemed to fly in the face of Trump previously labelling his relationship with May akin to that of the relationship between Reagan and Thatcher. In fact, Trump went as far as to highlight his opinion that Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary who resigned in protest at May’s Brexit plans, would “make a great prime minis...

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