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The markets have been trading within very complex structures within the month of July, and it now seems that August may just be the month when multiple sectors could be poised for significant changes and/or reversals.

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The Trade War talks and Earnings Reports have driven US Indices towards a complacency period, with Dow Jones, Standard & Poor’s and Nasdaq rising up to expectations and delivering solid gains, as mentioned in the previously posted “Trade War Sentiment – Volatility Spike – Technical Analysis” article.

Another important detail which was mentioned multiple times in the previous articles would be the possibility of the Volatility Index (VIX) starting a sustained rise. If such a spike would occur in volatility, then this could result in major losses for the US Indices and a shift in trends for multiple markets.

During the “Markets Vulnerable – Reversal Patterns – Bearish Sentiment – Divergences” vide...

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