TradeRush offers traders features and tools that will give traders all the opportunities to maximize their profits.

TradeRush Review

What does TradeRush offer to traders then? Well, that is a great list of tools!

  1. 24/5 Live chat
  2. Dedicated account managers
  3. Daily news feeds
  4. Market analysis
  5. Tutorials

TradeRush offers a wide set of types of binary options to be traded and tools to get the most out of the market. I think this package deal is a very good one, keeping in mind that they are one of the most used binary options brokers in the world today. Regulated by CySEC in Cyprus also does mean something in regards of the security of trading with them and trust them with your money.

Traderush Advantages in a trading nutshell:

  • Honest, reliable, objective platform
  • Wide array of assets to choose from
  • Unique features and tools
  • User-friendly, simple to understand
  • Web-based, no downloading necessary
  • Dedicated account managers, live help
  • EASY profit withdrawal
  • 60 Second expiry times

It’s FAST, It’s SIMPLE, it’s the SMARTEST way to make money online!

TradeRush Review: Platform Features

Being easy to trade, binary options have a three step system: 1. Choose an asset, 2. Choose an expiry, 3. Enter amount to invest and hit Put or Call.

According to the TradeRush website, there are 4 main things to keep in mind when you are about to make a trade. Added to the four above is: the payout and risk amount offered for the trade.

Next to trading the common binary options with an expiry of 10, 15 or 60 minutes, there are more types of options to be traded in commodities, currencies, indices, stocks and pairs.

60 Seconds trading with TradeRush

Offered by all binary options brokers in the world, TradeRush also support the exciting way of trading the binaries: 60 Seconds expiry times! Where most brokers offer a payout of 70% in these socalled Turbo Options, TradeRush thinks to reward you with a very high and competitive 81% payout when your position ends up in the money.

One Touch Trading with TradeRush

Need even more challenge than in trading the 60’s? Head over to One Touch Trading and try to make up to 500% profit with in the money expiries.

The direction is already chosen with One Touch Options by TradeRush, as well as the target price. All you have to do is to decide is if the event shown in the binary options trading platform is happening before expiry or not.

Five times a week, once a day expiring on 17:00 Reuters time, 20:00 GMT.

TradeRush Option Builder

Lovely type op binary option! The Option Builder! Basically: you choose what to trade and how.

This is really COOL! Choose an asset, choose an expiration time in GMT, between a minumum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 180 minutes from the current time, enter an amount you wish to invest (or risk) and then…


Yes, you can choose to take risk or to limit risk and receive a return percentage on loss. Check out the screenshot below and see what happens.


Investing $100 means a payout of $157 when the position ends in the money and a return of $30 when the rate of the asset goes the other way than predicted. This is a loss insurance! Until now UNIQUE in the binary options trading market.


The Rollover feature has been mentioned here on the site a few times since it is offered by other brokers as well: when your trade is out of the money, hitting the Rollover button means the position will be rolled over to the next expiry time. Not for free: you will invest another 30% of the initial investment.


Again not unique in trading binary options: DoubleUp.

This is quite the opposite of the Rollover. Instead of moving the expiry time forward when you are about to end up with zero money on that investment, the DoubleUp opens another position with the same criteria, but with the price at that very moment.

TradeRush Review: Conslusion

Ok. No problem. If you are not yet coninved that TradeRush is your best binary options trading partner, then you should read the following list of advantages:

  • 85+ available assets.
  • Trade stock, currencies, indices, commodities.
  • Up to 50% investment bonus.
  • No margins, no spreads, no fees.
  • Real-time rates on professional charts.
  • Strike price confirmation on all trades.
  • Trade 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
  • Analysts available via Live Chat,
  • phone and email.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly market reports.
  • Immediate investments & withdrawals.
  • Platform features: One Touch Options,
  • 60 Second Expiries & Option Builder.
TradeRush Review