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Traders Fair&Gala Night – 2020
Your way to financial literacy and trading experience.

Traders Fair&Gala Night – Malaysia is an amazing opportunity to meet and take seminars from the most experienced traders, financial analytics and investment gurus. We’ll connect you with the most experienced and popular speakers and you are welcome to ask questions and to demonstrate real-life cases.

Kuala Lumpur, the economic heart of Malaysia, is ready to welcome everybody who is interested in financial area at the third Traders Fair&Gala Night-Malaysia on April 4, 2020.

We are happy to announce our key speakers:
Nazri Naz, Trader, Author and Trainer TRADERS STUDIO KL, will present the seminar “ The Trading S.O.P”. Nazri Naz has 11 years of experience in Forex Trading as a full time trader (2007-2018) and 10 years of experience in conducting Forex education and training program (2008-2018);
Khalid Hamid from TFS Price Action Trading with is topic “Stop guessing the marke...

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