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Trade Talks

Trade Talks Continue

Risk sentiment remains surprisingly resilient this week given that US-China trade negotiations have stuttered recently.

President Trump and Chinese Premier Xi were supposed to have signed a trade deal this weekend at the APEC meeting in Chile. However, the meeting was canceled, leaving the two leaders without a venue to sign the deal.

As of last week, the countries’ leaders were looking to appoint a new venue to sign the deal. This essentially means that, for now, the deal is in limbo.

The nature of these talks remains fragile. In fact, just a few months ago, talks broke down and fresh tariffs were introduced. And yet, despite all that, traders are displaying a great deal of optimism.

Further Tariffs Threat

The US has warned China, or threatened rather, that if a deal is not done by December 15th, they will apply a further round of tariffs on $156 billion of Chinese goods.

For now, it seems the market is banking on the fact that China will want to avoid incu...

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