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Overnight and tomorrow we have a set of data releases that could directly affect the price movement of major currencies.

The NZ inflation data is especially interesting since it’s only published once per quarter. And investors are really keen to find out if the RBNZ’s moves have had any effect!

Later, the other two major banks that have not yet joined the race to the bottom might be swayed to change their outlook with new inflation data.

We could see a move of several dozens of pips following the release.

In chronological order, we have the following.

New Zealand

The consensus of expectations is for Third Quarter CPI to come in at 0.7%. This is compared to 0.6% in the prior quarter.

A result like this would be good news for the RBNZ since that would put the annualized rate at 1.5% compared to 1.7% in the prior reading. This is still far away from the target, but better than what the central bank has been projecting. Analysts broadly agree that it’s not enough to dete...

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