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Video Transcript


Today we are going to talk about candlesticks and I’ve prepared a special webinar. We will start with the basics of candlesticks. And then in the second part of this video we will move into the live markets and I will show you how to apply candlesticks in your trading to find better trading opportunities. So when we start with candlesticks, the most important thing is that we always need to remember that candlesticks show us the way the price move and the path of the price can be read from a candlestick.


So if this is a bullish candlestick, you notice as this is the open, this is the close, this is the highest point and is the lowest point. So when we dissect a path of the price from this candlestick, we will know that the price opened here, it moved to the lowest point here, it moved to the highest point and then closed right here. And this will help us later on to determine candle quality, candle strength and momentum as well.

So wh...

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