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Since experiencing a significant slump in December, USA, European and Asian equity indices have made significant recoveries in 2019. The potential resolution, to the ongoing tariff driven trade war between the USA and China, has provided the calm to pour over the previously, highly inflammable and volatile markets.

But the current benign situation could be about to dramatically change, as severe tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports into the USA, are set to implemented by the Trump administration from March 2nd. That date is now beginning to light up on many investor’s radar (trading) screens. The renewed focus on the trade wars, was illuminated by Donald Trump recently cancelling any proposed meeting between himself and the Chinese premier, provisionally agreed for March 1st.

The USA is sending a delegation to China in an attempt to smooth the waters, but hopes are quickly fading that Trump will back down on his tariff decisions, despite the damage the proposal caused to equity m...

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