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On Wednesday February 13th, both the U.K. and USA statistics agencies will publish the latest metrics relating to inflation, for their respective economies. Inflation figures rank as high impact economic calendar events, due to their ability to move FX markets, particularly if the actual figures which are printed, miss or beat the forecasts from agencies such as Bloomberg or Reuters.

At 9:30am the latest U.K. CPI figures will be published, the Reuters forecast is for the month on month figure for January to have receded to -0.7%, falling from the previous figure of 0.2%. Yearly CPI is predicted to come in at 2.0%, falling from the 2.1% figure previously recorded (year on year) up to December.

The U.K. CPI data is accompanied by a raft of other figures released by the ONS, the RPI (retail price index) and various producer price data are also published. Analysts might scour the producer inflation data, for evidence that: importers, manufacturers and producers, are paying significantly mo...

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