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While most of us are just happy to make a constant profit while trading forex, there are some exceptional people out there who have managed to do some pretty impressive stuff in the markets.

Of course, when we think of “greatest” trades, we often think of traders who made a lot of money with a single trade. But most trading strategies are complicated. So we should include innovative and original thinking in the category.

A great trade is like a great work of art. No one remembers a single Picasso brushstroke, but they remember the painting as a whole.

Winning Twice

Today, John Paulson is most known for what a lot of people claim is the “greatest trade of all time”. In 2007 he realized that there would be a crisis in the mortgage sector, and sold the market short.

He went from managing a fund with $300 million to making $4 billion in a couple of years. That’s impressive enough (and we’ll talk more about the subprime crisis), but where did he get the o...

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