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Revenge trading is quite possibly the most counter-intuitive, self-destructive behavioral pattern a Forex trader could ever slip into. And yet, so many investors can often find themselves shackled by this seemingly unstoppable compulsion to keep placing trades, even in the depths of a never-ending losing streak.

So what is it within us that just can’t seem to stop this vicious cycle? Are there warning signs to watch out for to catch it before it starts? And what can we do to get out of that harmful headspace once we’re in it?

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Why We Do It

The answer is simple: it’s pride, mixed with a hefty helping of stress. No matter how analytical forex traders claim their minds to be, at the end of the day, we must remember that we are all human.

A passionate trader who has opened a position has invested more than just their money. They’ve invested their time, research, and faith, both in themselves and in the markets. So a loss...

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